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NASW Illinois Chapter
2014 Legislative/Social Policy Agenda

  • The NASW Illinois Chapter (NASW IL) will support the development of sufficient resources to support our state budget that will help support the delivery of vital human services to Illinois citizens in need, including efforts to ensure prompt payment to providers.
  • NASW IL will support placing a constitutional amendment on the November 2014 ballot supporting a graduated income tax.
  • NASW IL will support and monitor Illinois’ implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the role social workers can play in it.
  • NASW IL will continue working towards establishing the rules process for PA 95-518, the social work Medicaid reimbursement law, which will enable mental health services to be more readily available on a community level; we will also work on how this will fit into the Medicaid reform laws adopted by the Illinois General Assembly in 2011, P.A. 96-1501.
  • NASW IL will advocate for fair and equitable insurance reimbursement rates for licensed clinical social workers.
  • NASW IL will work to rescind language requiring social workers to notify the client’s physician if they are receiving services (PL 86-1434)
  • NASW IL will work to promote the hiring of social workers and advocate for the role of the social work profession in the human service sector in Illinois.
  • NASW IL will closely monitor and review (and support when deemed appropriate) initiatives to eliminate or reduce poverty in Illinois.
  • NASW IL will advocate for providing quality mental health service to reduce rates of recidivism, re-entry, and incarceration.
  • NASW IL will advocate for stricter laws aimed at the reduction of mental, sexual, and physical abuse of children, women, and elderly including expanded reporting requirements.
  • NASW IL will advocate for policies and procedures aimed at the reduction of bullying in Illinois school systems.
  • NASW IL will advocate for adequate levels and types of school social work services on the basis of comprehensive needs assessment data and ensure manageable school social worker to student ratios per the NASW Standards for School Social Work Services.

The NASW Illinois Chapter is guided by the policy statements that appear in Social Work Speaks 2012–2015 in its advocacy efforts.

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