2018 NASW Illinois PAC Endorsements
NASW-IL Endorses Daniel Biss and Litesa Wallace for Illinois Gov/LT. Gov.
Social Workers Endorse Toni Preckwinkle for Cook County President

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VOTE/Volunteer for Elections 2011!

Tomorrow is Election Day…and we really need your help!

First and foremost, please take the time to vote. There is no greater task that you can accomplish tomorrow for the social work profession than to take the time to vote.

If you haven’t yet voted, please think through how and when you will do so. When will you go to the polls? How will you get there?

Find your polling location:  http://maps.google.com/maps/mpl?moduleurl=http://maps.google.com/mapfiles/mapplets/elections/voter-info/voter-info.xml

If you have already voted, THANK YOU! and… we really need your help on election day. From making just one phone call, to walking your neighborhood, any help will be greatly appreciated.

NASW IL PAC will be helping our endorsed candidate – James Cappleman win int he 46th Ward and we could use your help! Not only do we want you to vote in the 46th but if you have any time to spare tomorrow – to volunteer for him.

James Cappleman For 46th Ward Alderman Campaign Headquarters
4133 N Broadway
Chicago, IL 60613

312-725-VOTE (8683) | info@jamesforchange.com

Thank you for making the social worker’s voice heard.


2010 Elections Wrap Up – How did NASW endorsed candidates perform

The first elections of the first decade of the 21st are now history. And if you on the NASW PAC Illinois website, then you probably  spent the evening channel surfing or website surfing to find the latest results, or to catch the latest pundit pontificate on this very expensive and volatile election.  Or maybe you spent your day knocking on doors for the candidate of your choice.  That was how I spent my day, along with Kyle Hillman canvassing for NASW PAC Illinois endorsed candidate for the Illinois State House of Representatives Daniel Biss.  There is something so simple yet empowering about reminding people to vote.  It also reinforces Standard 6.04 of our Code of Ethics regarding Social and Political Action – namely that “social workers should engage in social and political action that seeks to ensure that all people have equal access to the resources, employment, services and opportunities they require to meet their basic human needs and to develop fully.”  This feeling of empowerment is no different than the first election I worked on in 1976 as a high school senior working for independent Democrat Congressman Abner Mikva.  Although as you can see from this dated photo in the following link,  this writer is considerably older and not as thin! http://www.dailynewschicago.com/lincolnwood/?currentPage=3

How did our PAC’s endorsed candidates do? How did are federally endorsed candidates do?     The following is breakdown as of our endorsed candidates:


Cook County Board President





Election 2010 has begun. You can already request an Absentee ballot, and today marks the start of early voting across the great State of Illinois.  Any registered voter can participate, you just need a valid driver’s license, state issued ID card, or another government issued ID card with a photograph. You no longer need a reason why you are early voting…just go and vote. To find your nearest early voting location click here.
Voting is easier than ever, and by casting a vote today, you can help our endorsed candidates on the ballot by giving the campaign one less person to contact on Election Day. Early voting will also free you up to spend the day helping us Get Out The Vote.

Without question cuts to Human Services are coming, the question you have to ask yourself is who do you want to make those cuts? We want candidates who understand the value of human services and the value that social workers provide. The only way to make sure these candidates win is to make sure social workers TURNOUT to vote.  We need you to cast your vote TODAY for our slate of Democrats and Republicans who support our social work legislative agenda.  

See a list of candidates the NASW IL PAC has endorsed for the 2010 elections by clicking here.
You can also see our 2010 Election Guide at http://il.socialworkers.capwiz.com/election/home/
Thank you for making the social worker’s voice heard.


The NASW Illinios PAC Needs YOU!

The NASW Illinois Political Action Committee is seeking volunteers in every part of the state to interview candidates for the 2010 Illinois general election, as well as to volunteer on upcoming campaigns.

The interviews will assist the chapter’s PAC in determining endorsements for targeted Illinois state House and Senate races. Interviewees will be instructed on the process and given a questionnaire prepared by the NASW Illinois PAC to ask the candidates.

All volunteers for other projects will receive complete training and support throughout the process. Whether you are actively involved or new to political campaigns, NASW Illinois PAC could use your help. Click here to find out more.

Why Your PAC Needs You Now

It is member support, both financially and in-kind, that enhances our political advocacy in Illinois. As we head into to the current 2010 election cycle and the PAC endorsement process, we are in need of volunteers. This is your opportunity to meet elective officials, interview them, and address the needs that are important to the social work profession.

Many social workers indicate that they are uncomfortable with the idea behind PACs. After all, we hear about undue influence corporate PACs have on legislators all the time. However, it is important to note that NASW PAC Illinois is monitored (as all PACs now are) several times a year by the Illinois State Board of Elections. In fact, we have submitted our reports to be online at the Illinois State Board of Elections Public Disclosure Web site for the past eight years (Well before it was a requirement), and there have never been any issues brought up in our public reporting. Please visit our yearly reports at the Illinois State Board of Election’s Web site. We are Committee ID #2674 and Committee Type ‘State’.

We have learned over the years the importance of electing candidates who support sound legislative and social policy. Member involvement has played a major role in electing progressive candidates up and down the state of Illinois that have had a positive influence on legislation and policy that affects the profession. These are trying times for human service organizations. Through the NASW Illinois PAC, we can work towards supporting and electing candidates who support our core values. But we need all of you around the state to help.

Call the NASW Illinois PAC today to find out how we can make use of our talents to make our voices heard in Springfield and in your hometown.
Put the ‘U’ in Vol_nteering Today!

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