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March 3, 2014

Contact: Kyle Hillman

E-mail: khillman@naswilpac.org

Phone: 312.435.2100 x120



The National Association of Social Workers Illinois Chapter Political Action Committee (NASW IL PAC) is pleased to present its 2013 Legislative Scorecard. The NASW IL PAC advocates for over 20,000 social workers (8,000 of which are active members) working in the state of Illinois who practice in the social work profession.

The following legislators were placed in the PAC’s Spirit of Jane Addams Group. This was a distinction awarded to members of the Illinois Legislature who voted 100% with the NASW IL / PAC. The complete scorecard can be found by [Clicking Here]

  • Sen. Antonio Muñoz
  • Sen. Daniel Biss
  • Sen. David Koehler
  • Sen. Don Harmon
  • Sen. Donne E. Trotter
  • Sen. Emil Jones, III
  • Sen. Heather A. Steans
  • Sen. Iris Y. Martinez
  • Sen. Jacqueline Y. Collins
  • Sen. John G. Mulroe
  • Sen. John J. Cullerton, President
  • Sen. Kwame Raoul
  • Sen. Linda Holmes
  • Sen. Martin A. Sandoval
  • Sen. Melinda Bush
  • Sen. Michael E. Hastings
  • Sen. Michael Noland
  • Sen. Michael W. Frerichs
  • Sen. Pat McGuire
  • Sen. Steven M. Landek
  • Sen. Toi W. Hutchinson
  • Rep. Al Riley
  • Rep. André M. Thapedi
  • Rep. Ann Williams
  • Rep. Arthur Turner
  • Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie
  • Rep. Camille Y. Lilly
  • Rep. Christian L. Mitchell
  • Rep. Cynthia Soto
  • Rep. Daniel J. Burke
  • Rep. Deborah Mell
  • Rep. Edward J. Acevedo
  • Rep. Elaine Nekritz
  • Rep. Elgie R. Sims, Jr.
  • Rep. Elizabeth Hernandez
  • Rep. Emanuel Chris Welch
  • Rep. Emily McAsey
  • Rep. Esther Golar
  • Rep. Frances Ann Hurley
  • Rep. Greg Harris
  • Rep. Jay Hoffman
  • Rep. Jehan A. Gordon-Booth
  • Rep. John D’Amico
  • Rep. Keith Farnham
  • Rep. Kelly Burke
  • Rep. Kelly M. Cassidy
  • Rep. La Shawn K. Ford
  • Rep. Laura Fine
  • Rep. Lawrence M. Walsh, Jr.
  • Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia
  • Rep. Lou Lang
  • Rep. Luis Arroyo
  • Rep. Marcus C. Evans, Jr.
  • Rep. Maria Antonia Berrios
  • Rep. Michael J. Madigan, Speaker
  • Rep. Michael J. Zalewski
  • Rep. Mike Smiddy
  • Rep. Naomi D. Jakobsson
  • Rep. Patrick J. Verschoore
  • Rep. Robert F. Martwick
  • Rep. Robyn Gabel
  • Rep. Sara Feigenholtz
  • Rep. Thaddeus Jones
  • Rep. William Davis

The NASW IL / PAC Legislative Scorecard is a source for Illinois social workers to learn how their legislators voted on key issues that impacted the social work profession and their clients. The NASW IL / PAC releases its scorecard at the end of each year to ensure that members know legislator’s records on key economic and social work–related public policy issues, and to also recognize lawmakers who understand the importance of a strong and funded social service industry.

As you can see, the 2013 Legislative Scorecard shows numerous perfect scores and reflects the success that the NASW IL PAC and its members received in persuading lawmakers to vote in the interests of the social work profession and our clients. However, budget constraints and current legislation being presented will require continued diligence and participation from the social work profession. For more information, check out the NASW IL PAC website at http://www.naswilpac.org and join our advocacy alert e-mail list.

The National Association of Social Workers Illinois Chapter (NASW IL) Political Action Committee (PAC) is the non-partisan political arm of NASW IL. As a political action committee, NASW IL PAC endorses and financially contributes to candidates from any party who support the NASW Illinois Chapter’s policy agenda.


November election vital to human services

Chicago, IL—The crucial upcoming 2014 November election will greatly impact social work and human services in Illinois. Elected leaders will make decisions regarding funding along with a vast array of services that help our communities. Therefore it is important to elect leaders who support policies that are consistent with the social work profession.

Supporting responsible candidates is one of the main goals of the NASW Illinois Chapter Political Action Committee (NASW IL PAC). The PAC is separately incorporated and supported by NASW member contributions, not association dues. The candidate selection process is member-driven, with social workers engaging with incumbents and candidates throughout the state. In addition to candidate endorsements, the PAC adamantly promotes political education and participation by social work professionals in the electoral process.

The NASW Illinois PAC is proud to announce the following candidate endorsements:

Governor: Pat Quinn

Attorney General: Lisa Madigan

Secretary of State: Jesse White

Treasurer: Michael Frerichs


Senate District #39: Don Harmon


House District #26: Christian Mitchell

House District #29: Thaddeus Jones

House District #39: Toni Berrios

House District #81: Ron Sandack

House District #48: Sandra Phios

House District #73: David Leitch

House District #77: Kathleen Willis

House District #103: Sam Rosenberg


The NASW IL PAC is the nonpartisan political arm of the National Association of Social Workers Illinois Chapter.  As a political action committee, the NASW IL PAC endorses and financially contributes to candidates from any party who support NASW’s policy agenda. The national NASW Political Action for Candidate Election (PACE) Board endorses and contributes to federal candidates running for U.S. House and Senate seats; the NASW IL PAC is responsible for endorsement decisions in local and state races in Illinois.

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